Bank Account Closure In Chandigarh

Even if you are living away from India, you are likely to have at least a couple of bank accounts in India. These could be for managing income from investments or property in India, or for remitting money to family based here, or even old accounts that you held while living here and never got around to closing. While many of us hold several bank accounts with the belief that we can diversify our savings and minimize risk, monitoring them and keeping track of the occasional paperwork required (updating contact details, PAN card details, address change etc) is not an easy task. In addition, dormant accounts may also be victims to frauds. 


Best scenario - maintain no more than a couple of accounts; however, even though you may wish to close the other accounts, it can be a tedious process.


AtHometurph, we understand the difficulties of closing a bank account in India, and offer assistance with bank account closure services in Chandigarh. We deal with the bank on your behalf to save you from all stress and effort.


Banks require accountholders to maintain a minimum balance to avoid paying of bank charges. Multiple bank accounts would mean holding multiple cards, debit PINs, and cheque books, all of which require safekeeping. Calculating Tax Returns would also be cumbersome and tricky.


Engage Hometurph’s hassle-free bank account closure services in Chandigarh to help you close your unwanted bank accounts in India. Our account manager will take care of all your banking formalities here in Chandigarh. We deal with the banks on your behalf – right from filling and submitting documents, to ensuring safe and secure collection of funds, to getting all required formalities completed for account closures.


You can easily register through our user-friendly payment gateway and pay for the bank account closure services in Chandigarh by domestic or international cards. Contact us 24/7 to help you with your banking needs.

Contacting the respective banks for account closures
Filling the requisite forms and submitting the documents on your behalf
Ensuring safe and secure fund collections and transactions
Getting all the necessary formalities completed in time

Account Closure Request


Cheque Book


ATM/ Debit Card


Bank Passbook




Customer's presence is mandatory at the govt. office


Estimated time for govt. processing

1 - 2 Days


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