Bank Account Closure In Delhi-NCR

Did your work performance suffered while multi-tasking at work? If not, you pride yourself in this ability of multi-tasking. But not all are good in this. Likewise you need to be an expert in managing multiple bank accounts if you are having.


Although it is always advisable to maintain one, or at best two savings bank account along with a joint holder or if not, then a nominee. Most of us end up with more than two bank accounts when we switch jobs or opt for feature rich accounts, without closing the existing ones.


The result may just be more pain than gain as one has to constantly monitor all of them. Most individuals are not adept at this task and thus exposing the account to potential fraud. Despite various systems that are in place, frauds do take place in inoperative or dormant accounts, which you are not aware of as you might have changed your registered mobile number or left from registered address.


Thus for an account holder, it is one of the crucial tasks to get rid of unnecessary bank accounts in India or to regenerate the bank accounts to overseas. Hometurph, understanding the hassles of closing a bank account in India, creates a gateway with banking services in India that can help an account holder like you to close all unnecessary bank accounts. We deal with the bank on your behalf to save you from all the hassles of account closure.


Most of us think of holding several bank accounts with a view to diversify our savings for minimizing the risk. But unfortunately managing them to come at a cost of time and money as:


  • One needs to maintain minimum balance as required by the bank and if not maintained the bank will debit your account for a certain charge.
  • Multiple bank accounts mean multiple cards, debit pins, account numbers and cheque books. There are chances of losing/misplacing/forgetting all.
  • Calculating Tax Returns Can Be Cumbersome


The best solution for an account holder to avoid all these is to register with us for a hassle free closure to all unnecessary bank accounts in India. We also provide you an account manager in India, who takes care of all your banking solutions in India and acting as you one point concierge person in India. We deal with the bank on your behalf to save you from all the hassles of account closure. Hometurph can provide the best service by:

Contacting the respective banks for account closures
Filling the requisite forms and submitting the documents on your behalf
Ensuring safe and secure fund collections and transactions
Getting all the necessary formalities completed in time

Account Closure Request


Cheque Book


ATM/ Debit Card


Bank Passbook




Customer's presence is mandatory at the govt. office


Estimated time for govt. processing

1 - 2 Days

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