Bank Account Closure In Pune

Having a bank account has become one of the basic needs for an individual. It is advisable to have one or two bank accounts per person but most of us end up having multiple bank accounts over a period of time. This can be done for diversifying your income for getting tax benefits, job changes, location changes etc. But these multiple accounts become a headache at times and closing them becomes a much bigger task.


Hometurph offers its bank account closure services in Pune to help you squeeze out of this problem. We make your money safer as dormant or inactive accounts are prone to fraud even after so many perfect systems in place. Moreover, one has to maintain a minimum balance in each account failing which your account will be debited of a certain charge by the bank. Having multiple bank accounts implies to having multiple account numbers, cards, debit pins and cheque books. This creates a lot of stress and the account holder is likely to forget them.


We, at Hometurph, provide a stress-free closure of all your unnecessary bank accounts. Our experts deal with the banks, fill all the relevant forms and submit them to the bank officials on your behalf. We ensure completely safe and secure transactions and fund collections and believe in completing all the essential formalities in time.


To give you a proper service, we require an account closure request signed by you in addition to bank passbook, cheque book and ATM/ debit card issued to you by the bank. We can coordinate on your behalf and your presence is not mandatory. Please give us a time of 1-2 days as it is needed by the bank officials to process the request.


Register with Hometurph and enjoy an uncomplicated and effortless bank account closure in Pune. Leave all your worries to us and exhibit a more efficient performance at your work place!

Contacting the respective banks for account closures
Filling the requisite forms and submitting the documents on your behalf
Ensuring safe and secure fund collections and transactions
Getting all the necessary formalities completed in time

Account Closure Request


Cheque Book


ATM/ Debit Card


Bank Passbook




Customer's presence is mandatory at the govt. office


Estimated time for govt. processing

1 - 2 Days


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