Car Spa Services In Bangalore

Many of us don’t consider our car as just a vehicle. For some of us, it’s a hobby to drive, for some it’s a passion, and for some others, it’s a friend and companion who is with you on those long drives. It’s not just a four-wheeler that transports you from one place to another; it’s a craze and you love showing off your new wheels to your friends. But what happens when some time passes and the car is old. Getting it thoroughly cleaned and washed might be a good idea. And the good news is that Hometurph now offers car spa services in Bangalore to take care of your beloved car.


Be it a simple wash, car spa, detailing or other services, we use all latest and modern equipment to clean the interior and the exterior of your car. Though the car care industry is huge in India, from business perspective, car wash wasn’t a very revenue generating segment till some time back. Car detailing, which is more of a recent trend, includes all kinds of cleaning, car grooming and protection services. 


Another reason for car spa and washing not being so popular was that people usually have house helps who wash their vehicles on a monthly basis and thus, they wouldn’t want to spend more on this head. But these days with premium and luxury car sales going up, these owners want thorough and proper car wash, detailing and polishing to be done to their expensive four-wheelers. Therefore, car spa and detailing is an in-thing these days especially with well-educated and passionate customers.


Why Hometurph?


  • Reasonable pricing
  • Assured quality of service
  • High-end and latest equipment
  • Guarantee after the service
  • Trained and expert car care professionals
  • Customer support


So if you have spent a huge amount in buying your dream car, don’t be a miser in taking care of it! Log in and check out our car grooming and car cleaning services in Bangalore and give us a chance to rejuvenate your four wheels.

Highly expert car grooming and car detailing experts to solve all the car detailing and car cleaning issues.
Fast and reliable car grooming services
Our technicians are well equipped with instruments to provide an upfront solution when needed
Experienced and professional craftsmen are provided for car grooming and car detailing services

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