Car Spa Services In Chandigarh

Are you sad because you aren’t able to give time to groom or clean your car the way you would want to? Don’t worry! We know that your four wheels are just not a vehicle for you; it’s your favourite machine. Now, Hometurph offers you latest car servicing, detailing and grooming techniques that make your car look fab and flawless within no time. Can’t believe it? You can simply log in and register and then select the needed services that best fit into your requirements.

We offer one of the best car spa services in Chandigarh where we turn around the way your car looks; yes, from a not-so-clean vehicle to an impeccable-looking thing. Hometurph’s is your one stop-solution that offers the best car grooming, car detailing and car cleaning services - all under one roof. That too using the best-in-class technology and latest techniques!


Car washing


In a car wash, we take care to thoroughly so a diesel and engine wash, body and a shampoo wash, a complete interior vacuuming, mud flap cleaning, a thorough door panel cleaning, polishing on the bumpers and wheel arch, and tyre polishing.


At your doorstep


If time doesn’t permit you to leave your car at our service stations, we have mobile services where we send a vehicle with all the equipments needed to service and groom your car in no time. Just login or give us a call, and we will reach your doorstep.


Car interior cleaning


Your loved ones and you travel in your car to long distances and you surely deserve hygienic and clean vehicle for your travel, isn’t it? Hometurph brings you a thorough cleaning experience that is very important for your car’s health and your health too. From cleaning the seats, mats, carpets, rubber beading, console, all the AC vents, ceiling, etc, our complete interior cleaning ensures that your car has no germs or bacteria that can infect you or your family.


So what are you thinking about? Does your car need a touch up or a change of oils or anything else? Simply register with us and experience our best-in-class and cost-effective car cleaning, grooming, repair services or a car spa in Chandigarh.

Highly expert car grooming and car detailing experts to solve all the car detailing and car cleaning issues.
Fast and reliable car grooming services
Our technicians are well equipped with instruments to provide an upfront solution when needed
Experienced and professional craftsmen are provided for car grooming and car detailing services

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