Claim and Maturity Settlements Services In Chandigarh

Living abroad, you might have taken insurance policies for your family back in Chandigarh. While buying an insurance policy is a relatively simple procedure, getting a settlement on submitting your claim with the insurance company may not be that smooth. Every insurance policy is for a certain tenure or period. The maturity date of the policy is at the end of this period. The amount of money the policyholder or the beneficiary is entitled to at this time is the claim. Claims are of two types - maturity claim that is due when the policy completes its tenure, and death claim that is due in the event of the death of the insured.


Filing a claim with the insurance company is a tedious job; equally difficult is the regular follow-up required to keep track of your claim or maturity application. And if you are an NRI, then it is even more of a nuisance. Death claims also involve legal documents and complications. Here’s where Hometurph comes to your aid.


At Hometurph, we offer comprehensive insurance claim and maturity settlement services in Chandigarh. We help you by submitting the claim and follow-up till you receive the full claim amount due to you.


Our experienced team of banking and insurance professionals assist you in filling and submitting the claim forms as well as all relevant documents – the original death certificate, and the policy bond - to your insurer to support your claim. We also keep track of your application and advice you on the course of action needed in case of delay in settlement.


In your absence, our claim and maturity settlement assistance services team in India assists your family as well throughout the claim and maturity settlement. Our experts also advise you on surrendering of superfluous insurance policies. Register with us through our easy payment gateway with an option to use international or domestic cards, and avail our services right at your doorstep. Contact us 24/7 for fast and stress-free claim and maturity settlement.

Filling and submitting the forms along with necessary documents
Assisting in all the formalities associated with the settlement
Coordinating with insurance companies
Providing you with a lawyer in case of any legal complications

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