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These are strange times we live in – the Internet has made the world a virtual village, yet it is hard to know if a person is what he seems like. Whom to trust? It’s a tough decision, especially in matters of property. Especially if you are an NRI with property to rent out in India, it’s a herculean task for you to find a trustworthy tenant to rent out to. Encroachments, trespassing and security threats faced around the globe can also make you wary of renting out to strangers, or without doing background checks.


At Hometurph, we realize the importance you place on keeping your property safe and your desire to rent out only after due diligence. We offer complete assistance in finding reliable tenants for you, and make it a hassle-free experience for you. Our real estate experts identify and connect you with trusted prospective tenants, understanding how imperative it is to ensure that the property is rented to the right individuals.


Hometurph’s real estate tenant finders carry out comprehensive background checks on tenants before shortlisting them, conduct property visits to show prospective tenants, as well as complete all legal formalities before finalizing the tenancy agreement.


Our Find a Tenant service in Chandigarh is a god-sent for non-resident Indians and Indian citizens as we help you ensure that your residential property is safe from devaluation and trespassers. We also enable you to choose a trustworthy tenant who will take care of your property in your absence. We provide you with a dedicated account manager, who will act as your personal one point contact in India, and also maintain records of all your assets.


Register through our easy payment gateway – we accept international as well as domestic cards. You can login from anywhere in the world and find reliable tenants in Chandigarh 24/7. 

Identifying prospective tenants with the help of our experienced real estate brokers
Conducting meetings with tenants and property visits before finalising the agreement
Completing all the legal formalities involved while renting a property
Conducting comprehensive background checks of the prospective tenants

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