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We buy a house to live there with our family. Everyone dreams of living in the house they buy as buying a house involves our hard-earned money and we want to live there for the rest of our life. But, now-a-days, it is not always possible to do so as we may have to relocate somewhere else due to several factors like, transfer of our job, distance from our workplace, convenience etc. In such a case, we need to rent out our own property so that it does not get damaged by leaving it vacant and we also get some assured rental income.


However, finding a trustworthy tenant is not that easy in today’s deceptive world. Hometurph understands the importance of your property for you and thus, brings its tenant finding services in Pune with the help of our expert real estate professionals and service providers. By registering with us, you can find a genuine tenant in Pune and put your property to use along with earning a decent rental income. We provide 24x7 tenant finding services in Pune that are of great help especially to the people residing abroad. Our experienced team of tenant finders connects you with the trusted tenants in the city, conducts meetings with them, and visits the property before finalizing the rent deed or lease.


Our trusted property tenant finders are competent in completing all the essential legal formalities that are involved in property renting procedures. We also specialize in conducting a proper and comprehensive background check of all the prospective tenants. In this way, we assure that your valuable property goes into safe hands and is secured from trespassers and devaluation.


Most importantly, an account manager will be provided to you by us who will serve as your single point personal contact for all the tenant finding issues. This person will maintain complete records of all your assets and take proper care of all your problems. Give us a chance to serve you and forget all your worries!

Identifying prospective tenants with the help of our experienced real estate brokers
Conducting meetings with tenants and property visits before finalising the agreement
Completing all the legal formalities involved while renting a property
Conducting comprehensive background checks of the prospective tenants

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