Freehold Property Conversion In Bangalore

Over the last decade, NRI investments in real estate sector have witnessed a surge owing to the depreciation of the Indian rupee against the US dollar. Nonetheless RBI have also made property buying and selling in India easy for Indians living overseas by granting general permission to purchase and sale an immovable property in India. Owning or purchasing a freehold property in India in such a market is like a topping over your real estate investment in India. A freehold property owner in India becomes the owner of both the land and house or if it’s an apartment, he becomes a shareholder in the property.

Along with it, the lucrative investment for an NRI like you in a freehold property in India allows you to enjoy the complete ownership rights of the property. Thus, you are in charge of maintaining the building, don’t have to depend on anyone and don’t have to pay annual ground rent. On the other hand, some states in India allow you to convert the leasehold property in India to a freehold property in India.

But there remains the hassle of formalities required to be completed by Indians living abroad for purchasing and selling immovable property in India under the general permission, documentation for purchasing a freehold property in India and converting leasehold to freehold. We understand the value of your freehold property investment in India as we value your time and money. In your absence we make sure of assisting you with legal consultation, prepare documents and manage all the formalities effectively.

Our professional staffs in India assist you to get the trusted real estate consultant for freehold property investment in India, ensuring that the NRI freehold property investment in India is made safely. We also provide you with an account manager, who will act as your personal one point contact in India, maintaining records of you assets.

If you have multiple buyers or sellers involved in a property deal, then getting your property free-hold is all the more important. In addition to retain as a promising NRI property concierge services in India we are looking forward to reach every NRI family in India, focusing on the prospect of better days, brighter life. Hometurph understands how important free hold is and thus provides the following services to the NRI investors on freehold property in India:

Coordinating with our team of service providers to help you in the process
Assisting in dealing with legal formalities conducted on your behalf
Completing all documentation related to free-hold
Conducting meetings with third party for document transfer

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