Freehold Property Conversion In Mumbai

The process of conversion of non-commercial property from leasehold to freehold has been further simplified by the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai by implementing property assessment system. In India Freehold is an effective tool in real estate sector used to transfer the ownership of a government owned property to a private account in order to increase the overall value of the property. For such valuable transactions a Conveyance Deed is allotted to the final owner as an ultimate ownership document in universal terms.


Hometurph offers documentation assistance and consultancy services for conversion from leasehold to freehold property conversion by producing certain mandatory documents regarding property in the concerned authority. Hometurph offers end to end guidance for a hassle free freehold property conversion in Mumbai. In the course of freehold property conversion Hometurph will make sure to take care of all the concerned documents and fulfill all the documentation formalities required on most trusted rates. After choosing our services:- 


  • Legal experts appointed by Hometurph for freehold property conversion will meet you to discuss the documentation requirements.
  • Legal experts will discuss the current and latest updates regarding property conversion timely and will educate you for the same.
  • Once the task is done the documents will be accumulated from the concerned departments and to handover you physically.


Following documents are required for getting the Leasehold to Freehold property conversion in the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai:


  • Competent Allotment/Allocation letter
  • Possession/ Ownership slip
  • Ownership proofs including water connection bill or electricity bill
  • Lease Deed (If Applicable)
  • Photographs of the concerned person
  • Premium payment slips issued by the concerned bank
  • Original freehold property conversion form, Affidavit, Indemnity bond and written undertaking on a non judicial stamp paper 


Hometurph understands how important free hold is and thus provides the following services to the NRI investors on freehold property in India:

Coordinating with our team of service providers to help you in the process
Assisting in dealing with legal formalities conducted on your behalf
Completing all documentation related to free-hold
Conducting meetings with third party for document transfer

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