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Being a Non Resident Indian (NRI), you would be hesitant when buying a home for investment or for your parents for family in India because you might feel that deciding on a home loan and then going through all the formalities isn’t possible for you sitting so far way. But don’t worry!


We know that selecting a perfect home is a herculean task, but a more daunting task is finding the best home loan and then getting it sanctioned. These days, there are many banks and lending institutions who will try to please you with low processing fee and other advantages. But it’s not so simple! You need to find the most appropriate bank or lender according to your individual requirements and that can worry you because that takes a lot of time and effort.


The process starts with you writing a lengthy formal application for the loan which includes basic information such as your personal details, information about your income, job, education, and many details about the chosen property. Not only that, you also need to furnish many valid documents to support the information filled in the form.


Other than this, you have to assess and decide how much money you want to shell out for a down payment and how much loan you want to take. Deciding the lender or banker is a tough task too, for you more so, as you don’t live in India. One has to select a lender based on the rates they offer, the loan terms, their procedure and requirements such as down payment they are asking for, processing fee they are charging etc.


Imagine someone taking care of all your tasks involved in this process! Hometurph is one of the most premier home loan concierges, who take care of all your end-to-end requirements if you want to do a real estate investment in India. Believe us when we say that you can comfortably route all your home loan requirements and process through us or Hometurph and be worry-free.


Right from deciding which home loan or housing finance to choose to complete all formalities for an NRI looking to buy a home in India, we are there for you as a one-stop solution provider. Trust us when you are think of housing loans in India, just register with us and experience a smooth process.


Right from assisting you to select the best lender and rates to doing all tasks in getting your loan sanctioned, our team of professionals assists you to make your dream come true in buying a house for investment purpose or for your family needs here. For a faster housing finance in India, we provide an easy payment gateway with international and domestic cards option. At Hometurph, we offer 24/7 professional Housing Loan Services in India for Indians like you who are living overseas and also take care of the needs of your dear ones back in India.


Log in to our user-friendly online platform to register from any part of the globe and give us a chance to serve you when you want to buy a property and take a home loan in India.

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