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Thinking of buying a house, but worried about how you will manage all the legalities and get a loan? We know how cumbersome it is to make that decision and then get a loan sanctioned in India. If you are a Non Resident Indian (NRI), buying a house can be a bigger challenge as you might find it difficult to choose a bank or lender and that perfect home loan; also doing all the formalities will not be possible for you being so far. But don’t stress!


We know that finding the most appropriate home loan and then getting all the paper work done is a very daunting task. Though many banks and financial institutions keep advertising about their simple process, low processing fees and other benefits, but in reality, it’s not such a cake walk.


After you finalize your dream property, you need to select the bank or finding institution to take a home loan from. This decision is usually based on what is the home loan rate offered, what is the processing fee, how lengthy is the process, and how many proofs and supporting documents are being asked for. This comparison generally takes a lot of time and effort. Once this is done, you need to fill in a long, formal application form with that bank or lending institution.


In this form, you need to provide information such as personal details, your income, designation and company name, educational background, and other details about the selected property. You would need to support this application with valid proofs and documents. Then, you need to decide how much down payment you will make and what is the component of the loan you will apply for?


Now imagine, if someone takes care of all these above-mentioned tasks and gets you a home loan sanctioned without you having to run around! Unbelievable? Hometurph, which is one of the premier home loan concierges in India and now in Pune, promises to do all this for you if you need a home loan in Pune. Yes, we take care of your end-to-end requirements in this process. Believe it when we say that our customers can route all their home loan needs comfortably and process the same through us and sit back and relax.


We decide which home loan to select, complete all the formalities and paperwork for you and act as a one-stop solution provider for you. Log in to register and give us a chance to serve you when you want to buy a property and take a home loan in Pune.

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