Issue Duplicate RC book In Mumbai

Registration Certificate also abbreviated as RC is a legal document holds the vital ownership information regarding a motor vehicle. It is valid for 15 years only and can be renewed for a maximum of 5 years after it loses its effects. Registration Certificate is the only document to depict important information concerning the vehicle including manufacturer, DOM, Chasis no, engine no and also ensure that the vehicle is fit to be driven on road and public space.


Regional Transport office of a city has the only authority to register a vehicle which is valid across India and record mandatory information regarding the vehicle and its holder. Under section 39 of Motor Vehicle act 1988, A vehicle without RC or expired RC is not valid to be driven on public places and may attract financial penalty and seizure of the vehicle.


In case of lost RC, A duplicate RC issuance request could be made in the regional transport office by showing other valid proofs regarding a vehicle. It is not easy to attain a duplicate RC for your vehicle due to complex documentation process. Hometurph offers complete documentation assistance to get a new Duplicate RC in Mumbai with the help of highly experienced RTO agents for your vehicle in the shortest span of time.


Our administrative service providers will assist you with the issuance of a duplicate RC Book by:-

Providing you the list of documents required
Verifying all your documents and submitting them to the relevant government offices
Ensuring a timely completion of the process
Updating you with necessary information at every step

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