Lease Ageement In Ahmedabad

Hundreds of surveys and many reasons prove that Ahmedabad has emerged as one of the best cities to reside in India. It has seen unprecedented growth and development in last few years and this city has become a huge attraction for investors, working class and entrepreneurs. Lot of people think of migrating to this city and for immediate use look for a rented apartment of house. To get a house/apartment on rent, you need to get a lease or rental agreement done between yourself and the landlord or the house owner.


Here are some things you should remember when an agreement is being done:

  1. Payment terms: The duration for which the agreement is valid
  2. Lease/Rent Term: deciding the notice both the parties have to give each other before vacating the house.
  3. Security or Rental Deposit: The land owner usually charges the first 2-3 months’ rent as a security deposit. This is a kind of caution money, which is used by the owner in case the tenant defaults on some payment or in case of some maintenance or repair issue such as a repainting required due to tenant not using the house properly.
  4. Maintenance Charges: The inclusion or exclusion of maintenances charges in the rent should be mentioned in the lease or agreement for better clarity.
  5. Electricity charges: The agreement should clearly state if and how the tenant has to pay the electricity charges.
  6. Other clauses such as keys and Addendums: The agreement should also state the number of duplicate keys that need to be made, if required.

The rental agreement needs to be registered


After the terms of the lease deed or agreement are negotiated and agreed upon by the tenant and the owner, the lease document or the rental agreement needs to be printed on a particular stamp paper. Then it should be registered at a Sub-Registrar office. It won’t be legally enforceable if it is not registered.


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