Lease Ageement In Pune

A lease agreement or a rental agreement is a written document or a contract between a landlord or residence owner gives the tenant the right to stay in his or her residence. This document states all essential points of the contract or agreement between both the parties and also acts as documentary evidence in case there is a dispute. Such an agreement needs to be prepared on a required stamp paper (for a specified value) and has to be signed by both the parties.


Procedure to Make a Rental Agreement:-


  1. The agreement is drafted elaborating all terms and conditions.
  2. Then the agreement needs to be printed on a stamp paper of a due value.
  3. Both the parties, i.e., the house owner or landlord and the tenant sign the agreement copy in front of two witnesses.
  4. The agreement needs to be registered at the sub-Registrar office after paying the requisite registration fee.


How can Hometurph help you to do a rent or lease agreement in Pune?


The above four steps of drafting the agreement entail a lot of work. This is where Hometurph can help you in saving your time and doing all the administrative work and running around for you:-


  • Important points such like rent, maintenance charges, security deposit, etc. need to be discussed and agreed to.
  • A rough draft needs to be prepared with details like the parties involved, address, advance, validity of the lease etc.
  • Important information or clauses should be added to the document.
  • A stamp paper of requisite value needs to be bought and then the draft to be printed on it.
  • The signatures of both the parties are needed on the agreement.
  • Registration of the deed is to be done at the local office of the Sub-Registrar.


Hometurph can also help you in amending your existing rental or lease agreement. We arrange the meetings with the other party and make sure that all the legal formalities are completed seamlessly.


So if you need to get a lease agreement or a tenancy agreement in Pune, just log in and let us help you with this. At Hometurph, we help you prepare a rent agreement without any hassles and just at a click of a button.

Making sure that all the relevant details of the property are mentioned in the contract
Helping you in completing the legal formalities involved in preparing the contract
Scheduling meetings with other parties involved in the transaction and getting the documents signed
Assisting in all the formalities associated with the settlement

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