Notice to Pay Rent or Quit In Chandigarh

Renting out your house or property is fraught with risks – the risk of non-payment of rent by the tenant, poor maintenance of the property or even refusal to vacate the premises at times. The risks increase manifold when you do not live in the same city or country, and can therefore, not keep a watchful eye on your property.


While you rent out your property in good faith and for extra income, you also need to do due diligence with a proper background verification to ensure that you get trustworthy tenants. Keeping track of the times when your tenant delays or refuses to pay rent, and following up with him for payment is time-consuming. Things are even more complicated for you if you need to send a Notice to Pay Rent or Quit here in Chandigarh, especially since you don’t live here.


Hometurph offers a specialized real estate service for Indians living overseas. We understand how imperative it is for you to ensure that your property is rented out to the right person/s. Not only do we help you with background checks for prospective tenants, we also assist you in sending a Notice to Pay Rent or Quit to your tenant in Chandigarh.  We follow-up on the notice to ensure that the rent is paid up or the tenant vacates your premises.


Register with us, experience our services and pay through our easy payment gateway using international or domestic cards. Your Hometurph account manager will maintain records of your assets being managed by us. Our experienced real estate rent brokers in Chandigarh assist you in identifying and vetting the right tenant for your property, conducting property visits, completing all legal formalities to rent out the property.


We also manage the property for you by keeping track of timely payment of rent, and take care of any legal notices in case of delay or non-payment. Register with us from any part of the globe and leave your tenant-related stress to us.

Working with its service providers to prepare the appropriate document for you
Sending the notice to the tenant in a timely fashion
Assisting you in case any changes or follow ups are required
Completing legal formalities if any

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