Notice to Pay Rent or Quit In Mumbai

Notice to Pay Rent or Quit the property is an eviction notice or reminder served from the side of landlord to a tenant who is not paying or unable to pay rent regularly to the landlord. Late payment by tenants causes stress and makes both the landlord and tenant uncomfortable. It becomes mandatory to take a strict action against such faulty tenants before the rent amount crosses the point of leniency and you will have the only option to follow legal formalities.


TheNotice to Pay Rent or Quit clause is effective only for 3 – 5 days which includes a legal order from the competent authority addressing the tenant to pay the definite amount of rent or quit the property within the stipulated amount of time.


A legally approved pay or quit notice form is used to claim the unsettled rent amount. If your tenant has breached the norms of rental agreement and after a time the tenant shows his inability to pay the promised amount on time. In those conditions a notice to pay rent or quit is the legal procedure to evict the defaulter tenant.


Our team of  property renting service providers in Mumbai also assists you with the following property renting services in Mumbai:

Working with its service providers to prepare the appropriate document for you
Sending the notice to the tenant in a timely fashion
Assisting you in case any changes or follow ups are required
Completing legal formalities if any

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