Nursing Services In Chandigarh

Being away from your family or loved ones can worry you no end, especially if you have old or ailing parents back at home. It is a constant stress with young professionals worldwide these days because they feel who will care of them in case of an emergency or if they are unwell?


Mostly people rely on some relatives or live-in house helps to take care or nurse their family in their absence, but that could be quite dangerous. Another huge challenge is post-hospitalisation care. The daily care needed after the patient is discharged from the nursing home or hospital particularly in cases of some chronic illnesses such as dementia or immobility, it is very difficult to find a trusted person to take care of the patient.


In such cases, you need Home Care for these patients which means a regular and professional medical help of a nurse who can take care of the nursing, medical and other needs such as any therapies or assistance required in terms of patient’s daily living. Such home nursing care services are readily available in India, but you must make sure to select the right service provider who is suiting your requirements. You must:


  • Check the services they are offering and the pricing with other competitors or agencies
  • Make sure that the plan includes all your requirements such as daily care, doctor visits, medications etc.
  • Don’t forget to check the experience of the caregivers and the organization in question, especially their expertise to handle your particular illness or case
  • Ask about the availability of the caregivers. Are they available all days of the week and round-the-clock as required by you?
  • Check if the supervisors review the work done by caregivers and are available 24x7?
  • Find if the caregivers maintain confidentiality of the patient’s details?


With Hometurph’s elderly care and home nursing services in Chandigarh, we ensure you all this. We act as your one-stop solution to all nursing care services you might need at home. You also receive regular updates about the progress of the patient. So, instead of worrying, register with us and try Hometurph’s Home Nursing Services in Chandigarh.

Booking an appointment at a suitable date and time through our website
Trusted service providers with trained professionals
Ensuring that our nurses monitor your diet plan and conduct frequent health checkups
Offering nurses that can also provide daily assistance
Maintaining a detailed record of the ongoing treatment
24/7 online booking on click of a button


Drawing various samples

Give injections

Starting, maintaining and discontinuing intravenous lines of fluid

Recording observations

Notes pulse rate

Notes blood pressure

Notes temperature

Give routine medications

Dress wounds

Bowel and bladder care

Ostomy care

Catheter care

Respiratory care

Ventilator nursing care


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