Nursing Services In Mumbai

With a decade of experience in hospitality industry, Hometurph is a reputed nursing care service provider in Mumbai offering unmatched nursing care services to the clients. Taking care of a just-discharged patient is an exhausting job as it includes several activities which can be done only by a medical expert. In such conditions Hometurph, offers experienced nursing care services in Mumbai to make certain full patient care at home. Our team of expert nursing care professionals will take care of timely feeding and medicinal checklist. Some other nursing services provided by our nursing professionals include:

  • Monitoring Blood Pressure
  • Monitoring Blood sugar
  • Tracheostomy nursing care
  • Intravenous Cannula Care
  • Oxygen Therapy Administration
  • Urinary Catheter
  • Dressing of Wounds
  • Administration of Insulin
  • Nasogastric tube feeding


Post-Operative Nursing Care


Postsurgical care is intended to those patients who undergo a major surgical course of action. Hometurph offers complete home nursing care services in Mumbai for post-surgical conditions including pain management, fluid management and respiration management with the help of highly trained and qualified nurses to take full care of the patients.


Indwelling Urinary Catheter Care


A stretchy synthetic tube recommended by doctors to emit urine from the bladder of a sick person who is unable to urinate is termed as urinary catheter. Hometurph offers nursing care services in Mumbai for urinary catheterization care due to certain medical conditions including catheter removal, bladder wash and catheter insertion.


Surgical or Chronic Wound Care


Hometurph offers nursing care services in Mumbai for surgical wounds, Skin problems, diabetic ulcers, venous ulcers, chronic wounds and burn wounds to help people for a healthy life. Surgical and chronic wounds occurred due to surgical procedure and long term illness can be handled with the help of a perfect wound management system.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Administration


Generally Oxygen therapy is beneficial for the patients who can’t collect enough oxygen for proper functioning of lungs and respiration. Hometurph offers nursing services for Oxygen administration for patients having illness background of pneumonia, COPD, Asthma, underdeveloped lungs, heart stroke and cystic fibrosis


Intravenous Infusion Administration


Intravenous therapy is the process of injecting liquid medicinal substance directly into the veins as some of the medications produces instant effects after infusion with blood. Cut down your medical expenses with Hometurph’s nursing care services in Mumbai to avoid the trouble caused by visiting hospital regularly.


Hometurph offers nursing care services in Mumbai for pre pregnancy care, post pregnancy care, infant baby care and patients with long term illness. Due attention and altruistic care for the patients is the most compassionate favor we can do for the service seekers with our well mannered nursing care professionals.


Hometurph works with a long term vision of removing the constraint of time and hardships of travelling, sufferings and hardships of patients and their relatives with high quality nursing care services for elderly person with chronic disorders, senior citizens and bedridden patients to maintain their daily routine activities.

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Drawing various samples

Give injections

Starting, maintaining and discontinuing intravenous lines of fluid

Recording observations

Notes pulse rate

Notes blood pressure

Notes temperature

Give routine medications

Dress wounds

Bowel and bladder care

Ostomy care

Catheter care

Respiratory care

Ventilator nursing care


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