Opening Demat Account In Chandigarh

You may live abroad, but there’s an inherent desire to invest in India in real estate. Investments in India benefit you as well as your homeland – they not only give you healthy returns, but are also your way of infusing foreign exchange into India and giving back to your country.


With the current healthy state of the Indian economy, investments here make great sense for you. And as with all investors here, having a Demat account is a pre-requisite. A Demat account is like a bank account, except that it deals with shares, securities and other financial instruments instead of with cash. When you buy or sell shares, or invest in mutual funds, commodities or other securities, you do not get physical possession of these. Instead, these are credited or debited to your Demat account. All interests and dividends earned on these investments are also directly credited into your Demat account.


The process of opening a Demat account in order to invest in the capital markets is slightly complicated and lengthy. You need to open the Demat account with a registered investment broker and open a Non-Resident External Account in case you are an NRI, which would allow you to invest here in India.  Hometurph’s team of financial professionals assists you in opening a Demat account in Chandigarh.


At Hometurph, we understand the financial and investment needs of NRIs like you, and simplify the procedure for you by managing all the paperwork for you like filling and submitting forms to banks, insurance and financial institutions; coordinating and following-up; as well as helping you add/change nominees.


Our team offers help with all aspects of investing in Chandigarh - from investment advice, to getting a Power of attorney, to redemption of funds, to subscription to IPOs, to getting you all tax exemptions extended to NRIs, and much more.


Register on our user-friendly website and use our services through our easy payment gateway using international or domestic cards. Try our Demat Account opening services right at your doorstep in Chandigarh. 

Getting the required forms filled and submitted to the bank/insurance/financial services company
Coordinating with the concerned office on your behalf
Following up with officials to expedite the process
Sending you the complete details about the nomination addition or change

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