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Passport is an effectual legal document duly issued to a genuine citizen of India by ministry of external affairs (government of India) to land in a foreign country after satisfying certain documental formalities. Indian passport is also identified as a verified proof of identity for address proof and identity proof. Indian passport can be classified in three categories, which can be differentiated by their colors and appearance:-


Regular passport: Regular passports generally contain 30 to 60 pages and can be issue to the people interested for business trips, medical tourism and simple travelling.


Diplomatic passport: Diplomatic passports are generally issued to the topmost bureaucrats of government and diplomats appointed by government of India.


Official passport: Official passport are only issued to the representatives of government of India who are official business visit.


The importance of passport in India in not just limited to travel in foreign countries but the passport is also genuine proof of identity valid across India.


What We Have For You?

  • New Passport/ Fresh passport Application Help
  • Tatkaal Passport Application Assistance
  • Duplicate Passport Application Assistance
  • Validity Expired Application Assistance
  • Delete ECR or Change In Personal Particular Application Assistance
  • Reissue: Exhaustion Of Pages Application Assistance
  • Reissue: Lost / Damaged Passport Application Assistance
Filling out all necessary forms correctly
Guiding you through the application process and providing details of all the documents required
Assisting you throughout the verification process and other legal formalities
Keeping you informed about the status of your application



ID Proof (any one of the following):


    Election photo ID Card/ Voter ID


    Aadhar Card


    PAN Card


    Driving License




Address Proof (any one of the following):


    LIC Policy


    Landline Bill


    Gas Connection Bill


    Electricity Bill


    Driving License






Age Proof (any one of the following): 


   Birth Certificate


   10th Marksheet




Customer's presence is mandatory at the govt. office


Estimated time for govt. processing

30 Days


Total price includes government fee, attestation charges, affidavits, forms, if applicable, and our service charges. Late penalty fee and other charges if applicable as per actual. 


Our services include:

Making forms available

Guiding you in filling the forms

Collecting and delivering documents from home

Submitting forms at the government office

Getting documents attested and affidavits made if required

Following up with the government offices

Keeping you regularly updated

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