Pest Control Services In Chennai

Close your eyes, do you hear flies buzzing and insects humming? Open your eyes and look into the corners of your rooms and kitchen; do you see spiders, cockroaches, black ants? These intruders are called pests and not stopping them can ruin your favourite furniture, your clothes and your other belongings.


History of pests goes back to the time when humans started cultivating lands to meet their food demands. As humans evolved so did pests. Today, pests have entered in our homes, offices, vacant areas, car parkings, basements and everywhere possible. Think of a place of dwelling and you will find pests all around you in form of mosquitoes, cockroaches, lizards, spiders, bed bugs and termites to name a few.


You must have come face to face with some of them in your everyday life and routine. They are not only harmful to health and your environment but sometimes to your finances too. Amidst a busy lifestyle, you can still ensure to take care of these pests by choosing a good pest control service.


We, at Hometurph, provide best pest control services in Chennai. Our services can be pre-booked for a specific date and time. We also provide you a personal account manager who not only coordinates the pest control at your residence or workplace but also maintains records so that services can be renewed according to your requirement. Online card payments make it easy to book the required pest control. Main features of our services include:


  • Use of licensed pest control products  maintaining highest level of safety
  • Efficient and proven services with continuous engagement
  • Best trained  personnel use latest techniques and equipment
  • Integrated pest management program
  • Hassle-free pest control services


Whether you spend most of your time in the kitchen, at your work desk or if you are residing outside your state/country, make sure your home and office is safe, hygienic, clean and absolutely disease free. Go only for Hometurph’s unparalleled expertise in pest control services in Chennai and that too within your budget.


It's simple. Log in and register and choose a service, select a plan, make a payment and get your job done.

Maintaining the highest level of safety by using licensed products
Offering a fast and effective service, thus providing a quick solution
Using the best equipment and latest techniques to perform a total clean up
Ensuring that our pest control services keep your house in the best condition always

The warranty period for our Pest Control services are as follows:

Termite Control

1-2 Years*

Bedbug Control

1.5 Months

Rodent Control

Not Applicable

Cockroach Control

1 Month

Mosquoito Control

Not Applicable

The above warranty period is just for referrence it might vary (+/-) in different cases.

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