Physiotherapy Services In Mumbai

Physiotherapy is a special knowledge of curing disorders including muscular weakness and spinal nerve irritation with the help of some special muscles related activities. The healing process of Physiotherapy ensures the proper diagnosis of the problem and adopting the best fitting treatment to cure it and avoid further damages that may occur. Physiotherapy is beneficial for patients who are trying to recover from injuries. Physiotherapy in India insists on preventing and avoiding severe injuries and aftermaths of surgeries & long-term dependencies. Generally it is noticed that physiotherapy at home or at an easing comfortable place reduces the time of recovery and also help to understand the toughness of conditions.


Hometurph has a highly trained team of physiotherapy professionals who will diagnose the root cause of pain in your body at your door step. We have complete solution for acute and chronic issues cervical, shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, cerebral palsy, knee pain, post- surgical rehabilitation, ataxia, Parkinson disease treatment and cervical spondylosis healing with the help of our highly experienced physiotherapy professionals in India. Hometurph is considered as the best physiotherapy service provider in Mumbai by highly determined and experienced physiotherapist devoted major time span of their life to relieve the patients free from pain. What we provide is:

  • Organic Specific physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy for Cardiac/Chest
  • Post-surgical physiotherapy treatment
  • Neuro Physiotherapy
  • Physio-yoga
  • Medical Massage
  • Hometurph Physiotherapy
  • Corporate Physiotherapy
  • Sports Physiotherapy
  • Fitness Training
  • Management for Weight Control
  • Orthopedic physiotherapy


Home Physiotherapy is required for:-


  • People with slip disc, sport injuries and joint
  • Patients of knee replacement, Hip replacement and Post-surgery conditions
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Fractures and Falls
  • Brain injury and brain stroke
  • Severe neck and back pain
  • Patients with problem of balance and fall conditions
  • Patients with Cerebral palsy, post paralysis conditions, Parkinson disorder and multiple Sclerosis.
  • Senior people not able to move around
  • Osteoporosis and Arthritis
  • Adhesions
  • Women in pre Pregnant conditions not able to move freely


Further, patients can benefit in the following ways:

Helping you find a physiotherapist according to the ailment
Conducting home visits at a date and time suitable to you
Ensuring that the physiotherapist is well aware of all the latest treatment techniques
Maintaining records of the progress made
Trusted service providers with trained professionals
24/7 online booking on click of a button

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