Property Inspection Services In Pune

Owning a property in Pune while living in another city or country may make perfect financial and emotional sense, but it is complex and time-consuming to keep up with its maintenance and security. Whether the property is rented out or kept vacant, it is important to have periodic checks to ensure that it is maintained well and its fittings and structure etc. are in good and working condition. This is where Hometurph’s property inspection services can help you.


A qualified professional who evaluates buildings and various properties, carries out property inspection. He will do a visual inspection of your property to check that everything is working well and the tenant is maintaining the place properly. Property inspections are important to ensure that there is no damage or encroachment to the property.


Hometurph offers property inspection services in Pune and allows you access to experienced property inspectors who will give you a fair report on your property’s current condition and update you in advance of any impending repair or maintenance issues.


We offer you a one-stop solution for all your home inspection and maintenance needs. We carry out regular and thorough visual inspections of your property to gauge any major damage due to weather conditions or poor maintenance. In your absence, we also keep a check on the condition of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural systems of the property. We also arrange for security services to ensure that there is no encroachment on your property in your absence. We will also connect you to legal experts in case you require legal help.


Register with us for Property Inspection in Pune and be assured of the safekeeping of your property here in your absence. Our easy payment gateway offers an option to use international or domestic cards. We take care of the maintenance of your property on your behalf.

Conducting timely inspections to ensure the property is safe and secure from trespassers
Sending you detailed inspection reports on a regular basis
Connecting you with a lawyer on a need basis
Arranging security services on a need basis

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