Property Tax Consultants In Chennai

Hometurph’s premier property tax services in India help you to understand the real property tax essentials and benefits for Indians living overseas, having their property back in India. Our experienced property tax service providers ensure that all your property taxes are paid on time at the Municipal Corporation office, which can be challenging when you are living abroad. With our property tax services for NRIs we make sure to reduce your property tax management related burden.


We understand how difficult it is for our clients to manage such property tax assessment protocols and procedures. Our service providers can provide customized relationship to specifically meet your particular needs and requirements. They will coordinate with the concerned registrar’s office and help you in calculating as well as paying all your due taxes on time.


To make our property tax services more transparent and easy for you, we provide you with a personal account manager, who acts as a one-point-contact in India for all your property tax in India related issues. For faster property tax services in India at your doorstep with assured customer satisfaction contact us anytime 24*7.we are looking forward to reaching to every NRI family and focusing on the prospect of smoother days and a hassle-free life.


We at Hometurph, ensure best  services for you and your loved ones at home in India. To experience our best-in-class services, register with us from any part of the globe and feel the part of you in India. Hometurph eases the procedure of filling your property taxes by:

Taking care of drafting and registration of all property related documents
Keeping track of updated legal terms for filling property taxes
Informing you about the deadlines ahead of time
Representing you if required and keeping you updated



House Tax bill


Cheque for the amount mentioned in the bill




Customer's presence is mandatory at the govt. office


Estimated time for govt. processing

1 - 2 Days




Total price includes government fee, attestation cha  rges, affidavits, forms, if applicable, and our service charges. Late penalty fee and other charges if applicable as per actual.


Our services include:

Make forms available

Guide you in filling the forms

Collect and deliver documents from home

Submit forms at the government office

Get documents attested and affidavits made if required

Follow up with the government offices

Keep you regularly updated

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