Property Tax Consultants In Mumbai

In India, tax is implemented on three types of assets including piece of land, immovable assets and movable assets made by man. Property is also counted as an asset, which shows certain tax liabilities to the bearer of the property. Property tax is calculated on the basis of overall value of the property which is levied by the state government or the municipal governing units.

Property tax in India is levied on the real estate which consists of buildings or land attached to the buildings. Vacant plots of land without any adjoining building are not liable to be taxed under this head. It will rather be taxed as income from other sources. Following are the kinds of properties that are liable to be taxed under property tax India:

  • Residential house (self-occupied or let out)
  • Office Building
  • Factory Building
  • Godowns
  • Flats
  • Shops


                 Computation of Property Tax in Mumbai


Calculation of property tax in Mumbai is made on the Property tax in Mumbai is calculated on the principal of overall value or the annual value of the property. Implementation of tax on commercial property and non-commercial property is different and varies state wise. 


                   Annual Value for Let out Property


In case of let out property, the annual value would be equal to the maximum of the following:-

  • Municipal Valuation
  • Rent Received
  • Fair Rent as determined by the Income Tax department


Deductions: Deductions are allowed on the interest on the loan to build, buy or repair the property. A deduction of 30% of the net value is allowed for the repair and maintenance of the property. 


                  Annual Value for Self-occupied Property


In India residential property or self occupied property is kept away from the tax liabilities and the annual value will be considered as zero but if the property owner doesn’t use the property for residential purpose or lets it out for rent then the property will attract tax liabilities and the annual property valuation will be proportional.


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