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While Bangalore has a large expat population, an equally large number of Bangaloreans live abroad too. The love for the Garden City is such that wherever you may live, you all have one thing in common  – you already own or dream of owning property and retiring in Bangalore!


Property transactions are complicated and risky, and more so if you’re living away from home with only a limited knowledge of the ground reality. Before undertaking any property transaction, you need to know it’s current market value. This is equally important whether you’re buying or selling property. Fixed Asset valuation requires technical expertise and the process of determining the fair market value of a particular property or real estate can be a long-drawn and tedious one!


The Hometurph team offers residential property valuation services in Bangalore to help you make an informed decision about any property anywhere in India. Our real estate experts do extensive market research and estimate the current value of the property in Bangalore as also the future growth prospects. This helps you take an informed decision regarding buying, selling or keeping the property.


At Hometurph, we assure you of a prompt and stress-free real estate transaction experience. Log in and get in touch with us and we assure to take care of all your property valuation needs in Bangalore. Register with us from anywhere in the world and use our comprehensive property services – be it having your property assessed, getting an in-depth evaluation report, getting expert advice on future prospects of the property, negotiating property transactions, and more!


Reach out to us through our seamless payment gateway – which offers an option to pay with a domestic or an international credit card. Our team is available round-the-clock to help resolve your concerns.

Assessing your property and providing a comprehensive evaluation report
Advising you on whether to buy or sell a property and its future prospects
Consulting you on how to increase the current value of your property
Negotiating deals related to property selling or renting, if required

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