Property Valuation Services In Chandigarh

You would be aware that any residential area, house, plot etc can be used only for housing or residential purpose rather than commercial and industrial purposes. The valuation of a property is done in the following conditions:


  • Buying and selling a house
  • Getting a loan
  • Settling some legal issues
  • Getting loan refinancing
  • Some family lawsuit etc.


Valuation of a property is important helps to provide an exact idea about the fair market value of the property for its buyers and sellers both so that both the parties don’t lose from the deal. However, property valuation is done only by experienced, knowledgeable or government- approved professionals or property valuers. It’s a known fact that deciding to buy or sell any property is not easy. There are many applications to be filled, documents to be collected and then one has to run from one government office to another.


Therefore, property valuation should be done on apartments, houses, or plots. We, at Hometurph, do Property Valuation services in Chandigarh. Not only at the time of buying or selling a property, even if you are planning to get loan refinancing to renovate your house, the bank ask you to get the valuation done.


So if you are looking to get property valuation done in Chandigarh, contact us and then relax. We assure you that your job will be done without any hassles. Hometurph offers the following services while valuing your property:


  • Doing your property assessment and preparing a detailed report
  • Advising you about the fair value of a property and helping you to decide on buying or selling a house
  • Guiding you on future prospects of your property
  • Helping you negotiate deals in case of buying, selling or renting
Assessing your property and providing a comprehensive evaluation report
Advising you on whether to buy or sell a property and its future prospects
Consulting you on how to increase the current value of your property
Negotiating deals related to property selling or renting, if required

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