Property Valuation Services In Pune

There could be various reasons for you to decide to sell your property. However, it’s important to find your property’s market value as of date. Evaluation of an asset or propertyis usually done by trained people who have experts in this field. It is very important for you to find the accurate and fair market value of your property so that you get a good deal and it’s also important for the buyer and other parties involved such as the lender and the real estate investor.


Hometurph’s property valuation services in Pune help you in making this difficult decision of selling or buying a property and giving you an idea on a fair market evaluation of an asset. Therefore, you need not worry or lose your sleep over whether you are selling your house in a correct price or not. Our residential property valuation services not only evaluate your property/house correctly but also advise you about its future prospects. Our team of property valuers are experts, who possess in-depth knowledge regarding property evaluation. They calculate the prevailing price of the house and also guide you on its future or growth prospects. Thus, it becomes easier for you to decide whether to keep it as an investment or sell it immediately.

Hometurph offers the following services in this field:


  • Assessing your house or property fairly
  • Providing a detailed evaluation report
  • Guiding you to buy or sell a particular property and its growth prospects in future
  • Advising on how to increase the value of the property in question
  • Helping in negotiations and getting you the best deal for selling and renting your property


At Hometurph, you can be sure to experience a hassle-free and fast service. So if you are looking for property valuation services in Pune for an apartment you had bought a few years back, simply log in and register with us. Believe us when we say that we are one of the most trustworthy real estate valuers in Pune and in India. 

Assessing your property and providing a comprehensive evaluation report
Advising you on whether to buy or sell a property and its future prospects
Consulting you on how to increase the current value of your property
Negotiating deals related to property selling or renting, if required

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