Property Deed Transfer In Chandigarh

Real estate is known to be one of the safest investments and it also provides high returns. Not only resident Indians, but some NRIs also prefer to invest in property their hometowns. There are, however, some formalities and documentation involved in property transactions that you must be very diligent about.


The most imperative document is the property title or deed, which is registering of the property in the owner’s name. Whether you are buying or selling property, or inheriting it, or even gifting it to a family member or loved one, you need to make sure that the property ownership is transferred to the new name with all the legal formalities. Having a clear property deed helps safeguard against any disputes about the ownership of the property.


Transfer of ownership can be through a sale deed (when you buy or sell property), a relinquishment deed or inheritance deed (when property is being divided amongst multiple owners), or a gift deed (when you’re receiving or gifting property). A property deed transfer is required, and the deed must be registered.


Unfortunately, this process of property ownership transfer in India is rather lengthy and tedious, involving numerous documents and certificates. Real estate deed transfer in India would be even tougher for you since you live abroad and cannot make several trips here.


Hometurph offers a fast and cost-effective solution for you - our property deed transfer services in Chandigarh bring you the expertise of real estate professionals who will take care of all legal formalities on your behalf, to transfer property ownership here in India.


Our services include – preparing all property deed transfer documents as per proper guidelines with all relevant details of the property in the contract, submitting them to the local authority on time, scheduling meetings with other parties involved in the transaction and getting the documents signed by all concerned.


Register through our easy payment gateway using international or domestic cards and access our Property Deed Transfer Services online 24/7 from any part of the world. 

Making sure that all the relevant details of the property are mentioned in the contract
Getting the required forms signed and submitted to the local authority in a timely fashion
Scheduling meetings with other parties involved in the transaction and getting the documents signed
Assisting you in case any changes or follow ups are required

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