Property Deed Transfer In Chennai

If you ask any lawyer or attorney, one of the most-asked question or legal advice is regarding property transfer or making a real estate deed transfer. Making a property title transfer deed is compulsory in case of your asset or property. But before doing that, you need to know some important things regarding property deed transfer in Bangalore.


Documents required transferring the title


Registered Will: To transfer the property or title, a legal and documented will should be there. Registering a will becomes an important factor here. Though in India registering a will isn’t mandatory, even if your will is written on a paper, it is considered legally valid if it carries a verified signature. You can change or amend your will even after you have registered it.


Succession Certificate: In case there is no will available, the Succession Certificate is needed in its place. A Succession Certificate is a document or certificate that is granted by a court to the legal heir/s of a person who has passed away or dying intestate and has left behind some debts, securities or assets. 'Intestate' here refers to when the individual passes away without making his or her will. In such a case, the property is given to the spouse of the deceased, and if not married, then to the next of kin. To get the Succession Certificate from the court, you will require some mandatory documents such as death certificate of the deceased, some identity proofs and birth certificates of the legal heirs/inheritors.


Encumbrance Certificate: This certificate validates the property being free from any legal, monetary liabilities or disputes. Encumbrance certificate can be sought from the office of jurisdictional registrar.


Purchase deed/Registration papers: It is very important to have the original purchase deed, along with its registration documents.


Khata: Khata is proof that this property in questions has been entered in the Municipality or Corporation records. Before the title transfer, the name and other details in the Khata also need to be changed in the municipality's records. To transfer Khata, you will need to go there in person and do the follow up on the task.


The process of transferring the real estate deed



All the required documents need to be submitted to the authorities for transferring the title of the property. In case an NRI wants to do a property title transfer in Chennai on his or her name, he or she needs to appoint a Power of Attorney (PoA). He should also talk to a good lawyer and get in touch with the corporations to find the process. If you are the legal heir, then you can get the new deed drafted, which is also called the executor's deed. If there is no will, then you the court needs to grant you the right of ownership to the property. Then, you can go ahead and apply for an administrator's deed with your name stated as the owner. Lastly, signing the new deed is important in front of a notary public who supervises the same. Finally, the court administrator who had earlier issued the deed, needs to sign it in front of a notary public.


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