Property Deed Transfer In Pune

Whenever someone inherits a property or buys a house or even if the property is gifted to/by a loved one, he or she will first need to get it transferred in the name of the receiver. This process of the transfer of the ownership of the property is a very cumbersome task and demands a lot of effort and time. For this purpose, a real estate deed is required which needs to be transferred to the other person/party.


Hometurph offers reliable and valuable property deed transfer services in Pune. We have a team of trained legal service providers who can take care of every single task involved in this process. They are competent in preparing the documents needed for the property deed transfer according to the government guidelines and will work up to your satisfaction.


We ensure that all the necessary details of the property get mentioned in the deed and get the forms signed and submit them to the concerned authorities timely. We also schedule the meeting with the other parties involved and help in getting the documents signed by them. This way, the herculean task of property title transfer in Pune is made simple for you by our team.


Hometurph also provides the assistant to you in case any follow ups or changes are required. We, with the help of our legal service providers, ensure a fast and cost-effective real estate deed transfer. We have an expertise in preparing and transfer of sales deed, gift deed or a relinquishment deed. To help you understand these terms, a sale deed is a written document or a legal instrument, which transfers the property ownership in your name in exchange for a pre-negotiated price. This document needs to be registered.


Whereas, a gift deed is a deed in where there is no monetary consideration and it is actually a gift from one person to another, might be your loved one or family member. This document too transfers property to another person, but as a gift. Relinquishment deed is a document in which one person legally transfers or gives up his claim of the property in question. Thus, that property is relinquished in the other person’s name. This is usually done in case of immovable property.


At Hometurph, our experienced staff has the capability to turn this difficult process for you into a smoother one with full vigor and competence. So, whenever you need a property deed transfer in Pune, contact us and tell your specifications. After that, we will take all your worries and you just need to sit back and relax. All your work will be done in a completely professional manner without any hassles or obstructions.

Making sure that all the relevant details of the property are mentioned in the contract
Getting the required forms signed and submitted to the local authority in a timely fashion
Scheduling meetings with other parties involved in the transaction and getting the documents signed
Assisting you in case any changes or follow ups are required

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