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Hiring a lawyer can be scary, isn’t it? Hometurph offers reasonable will deed registration service in Ahmedabad and other major cities in India. We also offer quick, accurate and convenient preparation of various legal documents including your will. But first let’s look at what is a will.


Many people make their will to do estate planning. A will is basically a legal document which states your desire on how you want to do the distribution of your assets and all kinds of property post your death. With a will, you get the decision-making control on who would be responsible to take care of your estate after your demise. It also elaborates on who will ensure your wishes are taken care of (the executor or your representative) and who all get what portion of your assets or property (the beneficiaries) and how, when and how much they will receive. In case of minor children, you can mention who you would want to take care of your children (guardian). In case of a will not being there, these decisions are taken by the court.


There’s another concept you need to know about a will. Wills are usually subject to a probate. Probate is the process of distributing an individual’s assets, possessions and property after his/her death and is directed by the court. The probate court is responsible for the distribution of your property as mentioned and instructed in your will.


As a will is a written and legally valid document, it makes it easy to divide your assets and property after your death. However, in case a person dies without making a will, the court decided and distributes the property in question and also keeps some part of it through probate fees.


Some important points to know before making a will


Ensure to have clarity and mention all the details of the beneficiaries. You must be clear in mentioning if the property goes to one beneficiary or multiple as once the assets are allotted to someone, then they can’t be allotted to some other beneficiary. Also ensure to avoid ambiguity or confusing statements, terms or language. No handwritten text should appear in a Printed Will and your signature is mandatory at the end of the document for it to hold validity. Handwritten wills are also legally valid in India but be careful not to use different coloured pens or inks and make sure to have the same handwriting in the document.


Registration of the will


It is not mandatory to register your will, but a registered will help in case of any future legal problems amongst the heirs. Once registered, it becomes a valid and authentic document.  To register a will, you have to go to the Sub-Registrar office and it is done free of cost. So for any help needed in will registration in Ahmedabad, contact Hometurph and register a will without any hassles.

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