Last Will Registration In Bangalore

By definition, a willis a "the legal declaration of the intention of the testator, with respect to his property, which he desires to be carried into effect after his death." In simple language, a willis a legal document which ensures that even you are death, your wishes regarding the claim of your assets or property are adhered to or followed. The importance of will is highlighted in cases where a person has made no will and there disputes and disagreements occur between family members after the family head’s passing away.


Did you know?


Princess Diana died in a tragic car accident in Paris when she was 37. Thankfully, she had made a will that left her estate and her property to her two children, with special bequests going to her former butler.


Formalities involving a will:


  • A proper will needs to be signed and attested. It must be signed (initialed) by the testator on each page.
  • Thougha will can be worded or documented in any language and has to follow no set terminology, but the words or language used should be clear enough to show and prove the intention of the testator and should not be ambiguous.
  • It is not mandatory to make a will on a stamp paper and it needs no stamp duty.
  • A will should be compulsorily attested by two witnesses who witness the testator while executing his or her will. Each of the witnesses signs the will in front of testator and each other.
  • In India, the registration of a will isn’t mandatory by law and doesn’t affect the genuineness of the same.
  • Though registered or not, a will needs to be proved as validly executed, as is required and mentioned in the Indian Succession Act.
  • After being registered, a will is placed in safe custody of the Registrar. This is done so that it cannot be altered, tampered with, stolen or destroyed for wrong purposes.


Registration Procedure


A will is registered by the registrar/sub-registrar in his office charging a nominal fee. The testator needs to be present at the registrar’s office with the witnesses to register the will.


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