Last Will Registration In Chandigarh

The world has become a global village, and though you have now moved away from your hometown for work, studies or other reasons, your roots as well as your heart remain in Chandigarh. As do certain legal responsibilities - like drawing a will here in Chandigarh.


Will Deed registration is not mandatory in India; however, it’s legally advisable to do so. Will registration with the concerned court or relevant authority in Chandigarh by the testator will ensure that there are no conflicts between beneficiaries or other (would-be) claimants after a person’s death. The Testator uses a will to distribute his or her assets after his or her death. S/He can appoint anyone as the executor of this will, or leave it to the court to do so later on. The Testator can also amend or update the will deed at any time through a Codicil.


Will registration in Chandigarh requires the testator to appear with two witnesses in front of the registering officers, often a long drawn out and time-consuming process. Hometurph’s simplifies this tedious task for you by registering a will on your behalf.  Our well-trained team works with our contacts at the will registration offices to offer highly professional and transparent services for all your administrative responsibilities here in India. We assign a representative or an Account Manager who will be your one-point contact and ensures smooth will registration for you or your family in Chandigarh.


Engage us for will deed registration in Chandigarh through our easy payment gateway – we give you an option to pay by international or domestic cards. Register online from anywhere in the world and let us take care of your legal responsibilities here. We’ll collect, verify and submit all documents, and ensure the smooth and timely completion of the entire process, offering expert legal advice where needed. Hometurph assures you of complete customer satisfaction.

Collecting and verifying documents from you to make things smoother and faster
Submitting of all the documents on time at government offices
Ensuring the whole process gets completed smoothly and within the defined timeline
Offering expert legal advice during the entire process

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