Last Will Registration In Hyderabad

You would have heard someone talk about how they want to make their will but haven’t been able to do it yet. A will is a necessary document because it ensures that a person’s wishes in terms of how his assets or property should be distributed are followed after his death. Not having a will in place often creates complications if a person dies suddenly and has multiple heirs or has a disputed property.


Thus, putting off writing your will isn’t a good idea as that can put your loved ones in an uncomfortable situation in future. Believe us when we say that though there are many steps involved in this process, we can take the burden off your shoulders and do the will deed registration in Hyderabad for you without you having to do much.


Let’s learn some important terms first:


Will is the legal declaration of the intention of the testator, with respect to his property, which he desires to be carried into effect after his death.

Testator is a person who is making and executing the will.

Beneficiary is a person who gets or inherits the property as per the will. There could be multiple beneficiaries mentioned in the will.

Codicil is a document or instrument that explains the process to alter or make any additions to its disposition and is considered as a part of the will itself.

Executor is the person or legal representative for the writer of the (testator) and all the assets and the property of a testator are vested in his supervision.

Probate is a copy of the will that is certified with the seal of a court.


Who all can make a will?


Certain rules and guidelines should be kept in mind while formulating a will. These regulations are:

  • The testator or person making the will should be 18 years of age or above.
  • The testator should not be mentally challenged. Though a visually impaired or person with hearing or speech impairment can also make a will.


Why should you register your will?


Though it is not mandatory to register a will, registering the same has the following benefits:


  • A copy of your will remains in the office of the registry.
  • In case someone tries to manipulate or tamper your will, you still have a chance as you can compare it with the will submitted in the registry office.
  • In case the original will is damaged or destroyed by chance, a certified copy could be taken from the registry office.


At Hometurph, with our will registration services in Hyderabad, we provide you this facility seamlessly. In your absence too, our team of professionals for servicing NRIs, takes the responsibility of assisting you to process of registering a will for your family or loved ones in India. So, log in and register with us and let us take care of the rest.

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