Last Will Registration In Mumbai

A will is a legal announcement by the testator with respect to his assets and property, which he is intended to distribute among his relatives and loved ones after his death. In simple words a Will / testament is a document made by the Testator for the fluent distribution of his property among his relatives after his death. A person who has reached the age of majority can opt for a legal will registration in Mumbai which will only be in effects just after the death of Testator. If a person dies interstate, such types of conditions could lead to the possibilities of controversies and conflicts between the family members regarding the proper distribution of inherited property. Important terms of a legally valid will are:-


Beneficiary:- Legatee or a beneficiary is an individual who is legally eligible to inherit the assets of the testator.

Probate:- Probate is the certified copy of the will duly approved by the concerned court or the competent authority.

Executor:- Executor is the legal spokesperson for the execution of will of a deceased person appointed by the competent authority.

Testator:- Testator or the owner of the will is the person willing to create a will for the fluent distribution of property.

Codicil:- Codicil is a supplementary document to the will generally used to make alterations or updations in the testament.


The registration of a document proves its authencity whenever there is a verbal clash. The registration of a will in the concerned sub-registrar office also ensures that all the beneficiaries and testator, executor and the witnesses were present in the registering office with their relevant identity proofs before the verification and final approval of the will by the competent officer.


Although registration of will is not mandatory, evenwhere it pertains to the matter of fixed assets. Registering a Will in Mumbai by the Testator is merely a proof of the legitimacy and genuineness of the will. Whenever a will registration in Mumbai is made by a competent authority, a certified copy of the will / Testament is kept in the detention of the concerned sub-registrar.


Different Types of Will


A citizen of India who has reached the age of majority is eligible to create a legally valid Will in Mumbai for the future welfare of his family and loved ones. This testament can take effects after the death of the testator in the supervision of the representative of the competent court. There are two types of prevalent will registration in Mumbai and can be mentioned as: 


Unprivileged Will Registration in Mumbai:- Under section 63 of Indian Succession Act-1925, an Unprivileged Will is a testamentary document opted by a general testator excluding airman of Air force, Soldier of Army and mariner of Navy.


Privileged Will Registration in Mumbai:- A privileged will is a testamentary document which is relevant only for some privileged members of the society including airman of Air force, Soldier of Army and mariner of Navy and excluding the army employed civil engineers don’t have any military background, who wish to manage their properties and assets while in the course of their employment.

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