Sell Property In Pune

Do you want to sell a property in India and it seems a herculean task for you as you live abroad? Yes, we agree that selling a property isn’t a cake-walk. First you have to find a genuine buyer who is ready to give you the correct price for your property. Finding the right party and then negotiating can take ages. It doesn’t end there. Then, doing all the paper work and administrative work sitting far away is not possible for anyone who isn’t residing in India.

Hometurph helps you sell a property smoothly without causing any inconvenience to you. Our team of experienced service providers helps you pick the right buyer and deal for your property online as per your requirement. Once you get in touch with us about your property on sale, our team provides you with legal consultation and advises you of the next steps in the process to sell a property. We also help you prepare documents and manage all the formalities effectively on your behalf.

So what is holding you now? If you have a property to sell in India,get in touch with us and rest assured for the task to be done without causing you any worries. To experience our best-in-class services, come and register with us from any part of the globe and we take care of the rest. Our team of NRI real estate services providers in India can provide you a range of services including:

Identifying prospective buyers for selling your property
Conducting meetings or calls with buyers on your behalf
Helping you complete the legal formalities involved
Keeping you informed on the latest status of the project

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